Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies are a part of life. At Advance Dental Smile, we work hard to take the strain and pain of a dental emergency out of your way. We are equipped to handle emergency dental appointments throughout our extended hours.

Dental emergencies can happen from accidental causes or from trying to ignore a needed repair or treatment for too long. Either way, we are here as your go-to dentist for taking care of all your dental needs, even in emergencies. We know dental pain can be intense and we have the means to help, which includes sedation dentistry.

You will always find extra amenities at Advance Dental Smile to help you get through an emergency appointment. We will tuck you in with a warm blanket and a pillow under your neck. We have video game options to keep your mind occupied during your treatment. And, of course, we have excellent, trained dentists to give you the best in care. Dr. Richard Neuman or Dr. Alexis Neuman will see you promptly to take care of your emergency. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art technology ensures you get the fastest and most effective care in your emergency situation.

Urgent Dental Care

Call Advance Dental Smile first for your urgent dental care and emergency situations. We keep time available in our daily schedule to accommodate you quickly. We know sometimes things happen beyond your control and we will take care of your urgent problem quickly and effectively.

We also offer flexible financing, along with dental insurance and CareCredit to help with your emergency dental costs. Talk to our helpful, friendly staff and they will be happy to set up some financing options to help meet your needs. Contact us today for a fast, effective solution to your dental emergency.

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