Orthodontics are not just for teens – many adults want to straighten their smiles. The problem is, most adults are not excited about the prospect of wearing metal braces. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and inconvenient for busy adults. At Advance Dental Smile, we understand that our patients want options to improve their smiles that fit into their lifestyles. We offer orthodontics that are preferred by adults, including:

Six Month Smiles

Options for Adult Teeth Straightening

Metal braces are functional for straightening teeth and adjusting bite alignment, but they have many drawbacks as well. Conventional braces are not known for comfort – even with advancements in orthodontic technology, they still can be uncomfortable. Wires and brackets can poke the lips and gums and may need constant repairs and adjustments. Metal braces are very noticeable, which is another reason adults are hesitant to use them to improve their smile. Traditional dental treatments can take years to accomplish which is not desirable for many busy adults, as it takes many trips back and forth to the orthodontist.

One option we offer for adult teeth straightening is Six Month Smiles. While these are braces, they have many advantages over traditional metal braces. As the name suggests, they only take about six months of treatment to straighten smiles. They are also clear, making them almost invisible. For many adults, this is a vast improvement over conventional braces and can be a great solution to fix crooked or gapped teeth.

If you are interested in seeking orthodontic treatment to improve your smile, contact Advance Dental Smile in Grand Rapids. We can help you get a healthier, more attractive smile without metal braces. We accept many dental insurance plans and have convenient payment options available.

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